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Brush of Kindness

Home Repair Program

Our Brush of Kindness program focuses on repairs to both the interior and exterior of homes.
An assessment will be made of the home's condition to determine which repairs are within the scope of capabilities of Habitat for Humanity Lake County.


1) The qualifying household own and live in their home for at least 5 yrs. Certain exceptions may apply.

2) Household income must not exceed sixty (60) percent of the medium household income as per income guidelines listed below.

Income Requirements for Brush of Kindness Home Repair Program
Family Size Maximum Income
1 $23,000
2 $26,300
3 $29,600
4 $32,800
5 $35,500
6 $38,100

3) Applicant must have limited other assets, such as funds in bank accounts, money market funds, stocks and bonds, etc. as well as limited other means for funding of needed repairs

4) Households that desire this service must fill out the primary application, followed by the income verification form to provide the necessary financial information. All applicable support documentation must be provided in order to be considered.

5) If an applicant passes the financial background check, a house visit will be made for the purpose of assessing the scope of the desired/needed repairs.

6) Once the type and amount of repair work has been determined and it is determined that it is within the capabilities of Habitat for Humanity Lake County, the organization will obtain the necessary resources and schedule the repair efforts.

7) Habitat for Humanity Lake County will determine the areas within Lake County where these services will be provided.

If you meet the above qualifications, you can download the Brush of Kindness Home Repair Application:

PDF Application
DOC Application

Forms must be filled out, completed, and returned to our office, by mail, email, or in person, along with all requested documentation. To view and edit PDF versions, you must have Adobe Acrobat or some other PDF editor.

Applications MUST be fully completed and all documentation MUST be turned in to be considered for assistance.

Email us at main@lakehabitat.org for more information.